Spanning ages and Empires, there are always Wonders that draw people, from every race and culture, for a variety of reasons. Adventurers find satisfaction in knowing there are things worth finding beyond money, dreamers and poets see inspiration and a subject to focus their voices, clever merchants see new ways to make money, while noblemen, kings and emperors use them to one up each other. Generally everyone likes experiencing a sense of awe while finding something that is truly worthy of the word great.

The 23 Wonders of the World

  1. The Crimson Colossus at Sutra
  2. The Great Waterfalls of Managaya
  3. Ceeraas Rasiiten, The Silent City
  4. The Barrier of Arka’Nahreyna (Protects from the bleed?)
  5. The Skytoucher
  6. The Grand Temple of Erathis
  7. Obelisk of War (Lists all who died in war in every language)
  8. The Seven
  9. The Everwatchful Eye of Xanadar
  10. The Harbor of Xanador
  11. The Sunset Arena
  12. The Eternal Catacombs
  13. The Wall
  14. The Great Scar
  15. The White Sea
  16. The City of Secrets
  17. The Glass Forest
  18. The City of Doors
  19. The Maelstrom
  20. Nuetral Grounds / the Forsaken Zone
  21. The Sundered City
  22. The Famed Garden-Mazes of Yith
  23. The Twin Cities of Con and Midhearthus

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