Places of Interest within Kharon's Crossing

House of Twilight Shadows – an entertainment parlor for the distinguished gentleman

The Golden Lady – a notorious gaming house. Rumors say all bets are on, all bets are collected.

Korrimager’s Market – the heart of the trade district where everything is for sale and anything can be found.

Avandra’s Blessing – a reasonable inn that caters to all walks of life.

The Open Hall – an auction hall during the day and an opera house during the night.

The Striped Pig – a restaurant that serves the best food for the best prices and is packed even now.

The Cursed Tower – an ominous tower located to the south east of Kharon’s Crossing

Kule’s Library – a crossroads for the Arcane world and the home of the Wizard’s Guild
The Grounds of the Caretakers – A recreational park created and cared for by a small group of druids.

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Places of Interest within Kharon's Crossing

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