The Age of the Primordials

The Second Age

The Age of the Primordials- The Primordials came and separated/noticed that division and separation were infinitely more interesting than unity. Filled with childish wonder and unlimited power they created and destroyed worlds as a child at the beach might create and destroy any number of sand castles. At some point, there are no record of this time- only legends, the Primordials created the gods to serve them and to relieve some of the pressure they put on themselves as they created worlds. The gods were content to do their duty and serve their makers… for a time. One of the Primordials suggested that perhaps a cooperative work would be even more interesting than all of their separate works. Together the Primordials and their tools, the gods, did expend their power in creating a work that was unlike any that had come before and they called it ‘Ilo Faan’, which translates to the Final Place. This world was so different from the others because of many makers helped shape it and it was a shining jewel that stood out among all the other worlds created thus far. However, even the unique gets boring after a time, and the Primordials twisted under the constant need for responsibility and teamwork.

Eventually they decided to move on from the day to day administration, leaving the gods in charge of Ilo Faan. The Primordials were content to create wonders and play games of Imagination. These times did not last forever. The gods, who lived and worked as slaves, threw off their shackles and did make war on the mighty Primordials. Long fought and hard won, the gods earned their freedom even as they exiled their former masters to realms outside of the plane.

The Age of the Gods had begun.

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The Age of the Primordials

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