The Age of Empires

The Great Cataclysm changed everything. When the world finally shuddered to a halt, there was silence for a long time. Many peoples were spared the ultimate effects by escaping into the Mirror Planes, some never to return. Others had to build themselves up over time, establishing cities brick by bloody brick. Many years had passed, and many obstacles overcome, before the races came together to establish the Twin Empires.

Each Empire was centered around a planned super-city, engineered by Geovarzis to create ideal conditions under a variety of restrictions and needs, including racial considerations, waste treatment, transportation, as well as aesthetic appeal. Using methods long lost to the gaps in history, these Adepts used special techniques to excavate and refine large sections of rock and stone. Through the Adepts mastery of their earth powers, they were able to create living conditions that could comfortably meet the needs of millions of inhabitants.

It us unclear whether the empires were divided by different goals or more simply by traditional prejudices. Either way the empires were divided mostly along racial lines. Although both super-cities were constructed to host, and become a home to, any creature imaginable, the reality was that many races were united under one banner or the other. Of course there were always exceptions, even large numbers of exceptions, however, most followed the majority. The only race that split itself roughly evenly between the two empires was the race that had the numbers to do so- humans. The Diamond Empire‘s Con consisted of Tieflings, Humans, Elves, while the Sunset Empire’s Midhearthus was home to Dragonborne, Humans and Dwarves. Despite the differences between the two empires, there were many opportunites for exploration, riches, and knowledge. Each empire became a behemoth in it’s own right and together they were unstoppable.

The two empires coexisted in peace for decades and they prospered. Nothing good lasts forever and something sparked the end of an age and the end of at least one race. War broke out between the two empires, a long and bloody war that extinguished the light of civilization and plunged the world into a strange and dangerous darkness. Weapons that rivaled the destroying power of the Great Cataclysm were unleashed. Demons and Elementals were summoned to the battlefield to lay waste. Powerful magics were wielded by irresponsible hands and loosed without thought. Through all of this chaos an entire people disappeared. On one continent, Dwarves were never seen again, and it is said that even their god no longer answers prayers to him.

Once again all of the intelligent races were suddenly looking merely to survive. The last efforts of the most powerul wizards closed the Mysteturis to the Wyldways and Byways to protect the world from any dangers that might come from outside of its borders during this time of chaos. Slowly each doorway dimmed and then vanished, but the damage was already done. Creatures from the most alien of places had come to make our world their home and there was no one left to stop them.

With the collapse of the two empires the world entered The Age of Shadows.

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The Age of Empires

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