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The world has been plunged into the darkness of uncertainty. Books and writings, spoken of only by dreamers and fools, tell of a time long ago, when there were two great empires. Empires that each spanned half of the world… and possibly beyond. One was called the Sunset Empire and was said to have consisted of any where in the world that could see the sun set. The other great empire was called the Diamond Empire. Not much is known about the Diamond Empire but dark rumors speak of riches and demons and pacts made in blood. Both empires were beyond powerful and commanded millions of people, magics that bordered upon godlike, and wonders that only be dreamt of. It is said that if the Great Empires ever went to war with one another the entire world would be consumed until nothing was left except bone and ashes.

There is a city that sits within the borders of the Sunset Empire at the crossroads of what was once the Great Northern Road and the Imperial Highway, described by faded scraps of maps as the two roads that carried the lifeblood of the Empire. It is a trade city that was birthed at the height of the empire and as the empire declined so to did it’s most profitable city called Kharon’s Crossing. The Shatterspire Mountains that lie to the west and run to the north are a bleak and permanent reminder of the wars of the past. If one follows the remnants of the Imperial Highway east from Kharon’s Crossing and north for three days they would come across the holy city of Braxilius. Follow the road north past the Gnoll Woods and you would run into the town of Luxadal. A few days south of Kharon’s Crossing is the Hellhole, the home to a band of thieves with aspirations of greatness. Beyond that even further south and one will see where the forest has been cleared to protect Dursaana Sia.

There are many places to re-explore in far off lands or ancient ruins, magics to rediscover, and wonders to reclaim. But the night is long… and the darkness is full of things that have taken advantage of the collapse of an empire.

Books and poems indicate wonders of the ancient world. Many languages are spoken throughout the lands. Myths and legends allude to a Wheel of Ages that takes present events and spins them into history. Stories from the past tell of mighty heroes and evil villains, even as it provides a powerful and flowing history. These stories also provide moral and ethical lessons as well as philosophical and religious teachings. All over the world scholars and storytellers debate and share lessons of the gods.

Main Page

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