Old Realm- It is said that before there were two Empires, there was another older culture that that was indirectly responsible for the creation of the empires. However, as the Empires rose in prominence and power, this other unnamed culture vanished. Historians call this ancient language Old Realm more out of convenience than accuracy. This is a dead language.

High Realm- The language of both the Sunset Empire and the Diamond Empire. It is characterized by propriety, honor, romance, and a sense of vagueness that allows one to brush aside questions without giving offense. High Realm is still spoken in many areas but it is most often along side of the common tongue rather than being the common tongue.

Low Realm- What is now referred to as the “common” language. Most people are brought up with this as their first language. This is a complete bastardization of High Realm and is all but incomprehensible to those that speak it. The reverse is also true.

Tradespeak- A precise language that includes the vagaries of economics, weather, and bureaucracy that allow the speaker to do as much or as little trading as can be agreed upon by all parties. Persons well-versed in tradespeak can halve or double the amount of time it takes to trade depending on the circumstances of their trade. Many cities or regions have their own “dialect”.

Military Short-talk- A combination of hand gestures, specific terminology, bugle calls, and flag signals for simple battlefield communication. Most cities or regions have their own “dialect”.

Dumbspeak/Hand-talk- A complex series of hand gestures for the mute. It was common enough in both empires that anything that has trickled down through history will be mostly the same with a little room for adaptation/evolution.

Cyphers- The language of codes, includes Writing or decoding and gives an intelligence based skill of Cyphers.

Deep Speech- Deep Speech was known to be the language of the sea and those that come from it’s depths and sometimes from Beyond. The meanings attributed to each burbling, bubbling, croaking trilling sound have been forgotten. This is a dead language.

Deep Earth- One of the First languages. Deep Earth birthed the languages of Dwarven, Giant, and Goblin. As time progressed those languages drifted further and further apart until there were almost no similarities other than sentence structure and syntax. Deep Earth is a dead language.

Draconic- The savage language of the Dragonfolk only exists in communities where there is a solid Dragonborn presence that has continued unbroken from ancient times. There are not many that can (or want to) remember the guttural language that includes bestial snorts and growls. In many places this language is dying out.

Dwarven- This was the language of the mountain folk and their kin. Unfortunately all of those that spoke it have passed into history taking their simple runes with them. This is a dead language. Most historians believe that there were at least two languages that made up Dwarven- the Dirge-song (a chanting song-like language used for religious practices), and Moradain (True-speak of those that follow Moradin). Some historians have a few references to a third language roughly translated to “Tongue of the Traitors”.

Elven- The traditional language of those that dwell within the Feywild. It is musical in nature with a rise and falling cadence that makes it difficult to learn and a delight to listen to. There are enough Elves and Eladrin left that this language is still one of the more common languages. Supposedly, there is a race of elves that took refuge in the Under Dark, there is no telling what the warping effects of that dark place would have on a language. Additionally, some Eladrin that spend a lot of time in the Feywyld have developed their own language that is emphasizes status, etiquette, and place. Whether supplicant or lord, the denizens there appreciate the elaborate distinctions found within the language.

Giant- Arising from the same base language as Goblin and Dwarven, Giant is a harsh guttural language spoken mainly by Orcs, Giants, and Ogres.

Goblin- The most complex of the Deep Earth languages, the natural curiosity and untempered passion of goblinkind led to the creation of multiple names and pronunciations for the same things. Additionally the written language is a collection of unorganized pictographs. Scholars wonder how they communicate at all.

Primoridal- The language of Those-That-Came-Before including Elementals and their many incarnations.

Supernal- The powerful language of the gods themselves, where even speaking it can have dire consequences.

Abyssal- The hideous rasping language of demons and their ilk.

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